Hisashiburi da ne !! Today, let’s explore everything about Activities and intents. We’ll gradually progress about everything there is to activities and intents. I’ll not be covering basics like, what are activities and intents. But I’ll be covering some of the important and tricky topics that I often see, creates a lot of confusion.

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We know that the activities are one of the 4 major components of an Android app. We are also well aware that both, activities and fragments contain their own lifecycles. So, why is that a topic of Confusion ? I mean if you are reading this…

I have been in the Android space for quite some time now. For quite some time I have wondered, that what is it that actually separates the senior software developers from the junior ones. I tried finding it online, but every where I saw, the same thing. The senior developers have advanced concepts in place. They know about testing, dependency injection, network and battery optimization, design patterns, optimization and security. Also, they know how to implement them.

For a while I thought that yes, this might be true. So, I started learning about all these concepts. After learning them, I…

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What is Data Visualization ?

Data is everywhere, and to see that data in visual format is one of the most important aspect of any business to gain even better insights from the data in order to make great decisions.

Also, in the real world we will see many cases , where the statistics cannot just do the trick to serve us with the information we need about data . For example, in the very famous Alberto Cairos Datasaurus example, We will find out that the data he used for the purpose , shared the same statistical summary, i.e. Mean, standard deviation and correlation, but…

Divyansh Dwivedi

Contributing code to Humanity. Android Developer and Security Researcher

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